Common Sense is Uncommon
I wrote this last year on my old site... so deciding to move it here

Everyone only can work at 40% efficiency. The balance of 61% will come from your boss, his support and his motivation. So, your boss actually contributes 101% to your work. From -40% to +61%. It really depends on your boss whether you are motivated to work or not.

Examples... When in a lousy company, you may feel at 0% but your boss motivates you to work. In a good company, but with a lousy boss, you feel like giving 0%. 

But when you are at 20% and your boss is enthusiastic and supports you, you will definitely work much better and when you raise your work to 40%, you will be giving it 101%. You will never be able to give 101% if you boss is not supporting you along the way.

So decide as a boss where on the scale you will sit as your team's performance depends on it. 



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