Common Sense is Uncommon

What is money for?


For as long as I can remember, life has taught me that you must have money. Lots of money. Enough money so that you can do nothing and enjoy your life on a lovely island somewhere in the world, that you probably own.

In reality, is this what it is for? I don't see the richest people in the world enjoying their life on a beach somewhere for the rest of their life. So what does money actually do for us?

When we were young(er), all of us have been taught that money buys happiness. And if you don't have enough, there is always Mastercard. But that gets you in a trap of owing more and more money! And so, you can't get money to do what it is supposed to!

But what is money for? For me, when I was young it was to buy cool stuff and fast cars and enjoying life. As I grew older and became a father, money was to take care of my kids. And after years of thinking and figuring it out, I feel that money is meant to allow you to do what you want, to give you the time and opportunity to explore and be able to do the things that you want to. 

Looking at the rich people in the world, we hear they take expensive holidays, live in expensive homes and drive expensive cars. But they all do what they are passionate about and bring change to whoever they are able to. That is what money is meant to do. Not to buy things and do nothing but to do what you want that you feel will make a difference. 

I am far from being a millionaire and being able to afford to do all this, but if I was able, I would love to take time to share with others on life and why we should think for ourselves instead of listening to the advertising and marketing of large corporations, to make common sense common again. Maybe some of you wont agree with me now, but I am sure one day you will realize that all the money you have is not everything. 

Hopefully this will help someone out there look differently at their bank account. :)


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