Common Sense is Uncommon
As part of going through the Founder Institute program, I feel that there was a section that was talked about but not stressed enough. That is "To take care of yourself first".

Before we can start to build the next greatest tech company that will dwarf the likes of any of today's giants, we must always remember that we have to ensure that we are able to take care of ourselves first! It is probably no wonder why only those who are successful previously are able to continue their successes by starting up another company and another after that. Serial Entrepreneurs...

So for those with a dream to become an entrepreneur, do remember that before you start, ensure that you can take care of yourself for the journey. Money is not going to fall out of the sky to fund you at all. Many funding grants are pay first, claim later type of deals. So if you don't have the money or can't raise angel seeding from your friends and relatives, it will be hard at first. Not impossible but hard.

We can't think well with an empty stomach. :)


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