Common Sense is Uncommon
I posted this out last year...

I am reminded from many experiences that people often get worked up and go off tangent when they misinterpret words when in a discussion. And often when you are trying to clarify with these people, they often talk about their agenda and will not allow for others to explain to them their mistake.

So have you encountered this before? I am sure each one of us has had a conversation like this before. And how did you handle it?

Personally, I find that this happens to me when the other person is not very technical or uses another language as their primary language. The problem occurs when they interpret the meaning of a common word for something else. And they can’t understand sarcasm.

How to deal with this? Normally I would let them talk until they feel they are right. Then start asking them back what do they mean. In these cases, it will then allow me to understand where did they misinterpret and correct them.

Few rules to follow

  1. Be patient
  2. Don’t get emotional
  3. Explain slowly to them
Hope you don’t hit into similar problems anytime soon but if you do, just let them finish first. And don't try to be a smart ass



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