Common Sense is Uncommon
It's been a while that I have been on my own and not working in any MNC. Lots of people think I have a few million stashed away in the bank. Only those who know me will know that is not the fact as I will be one who will be driving a nice car to work if I do.

Anyway, on my journey on being on my own, I find a lot of people wondering how they can do the same. The economy is bad, sales are down, everything is getting more expensive and yet I can do it.

It's just a matter of simplifying you life. Stripping out excess and saving up to do so. If you haven't started saving, better start now.

A simple example I always like to use is how many people own a nice car? How much does it cost a month for the loan and maintenance? If you don't have that, you have easily saved a few thousand there.

I have met many who overspend because of their car or handbags and yet complain all the time they have no money. They wonder how others can afford a house or a new phone when they have to save up for it.

It's just down to simple financial management. Cutting spending while increasing income.

So if you want to have a simpler life, stop looking at winnig the lottery or making more money. Look at spending less first. Stop going on holidays and complaining of owing credit cards. Stop buying new phones and gadgets when they launch. Stop owning a car which takes up 20-30% of your monthly income.

Live simply and happily.


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