Common Sense is Uncommon
Somehow or rather, both sides don't seem to like each other.

MNC's will say startup guys are
  1. Hard to control
  2. Lack discipline
  3. Un-manageable
  4. Crazy
  5. Slackers

Startup guys also say MNC people are
  1. Rigid
  2. Looks only at processes
  3. Numbers driven
  4. Looking to corrupt the world
  5. Slow to adapt

Maybe I am exaggerating but that is the feeling I get when I was going through the FI course. It was not just local guys but those who were sharing with us from the US as well!

But I really feel that MNC's will benefit from having people with startup training in the organization! Maybe not in all roles but for project based roles or product based roles they will be great!

So why do I say that?
  1. Startup guys will slog to get things done. What is sleep when there is passion!
  2. Startup guys are resourceful. If they can't do it, they know where to look!
  3. Startup guys know how to get things done cheaply. They don;t have huge budgets!
  4. Startup guys can do multiple roles. They have to plan, design, program, pitch, financials and clean the room!
  5. Startup guys can think out of the box. There is no point to do something which someone else is doing!
  6. Startup guys can quickly look for solutions. No point in crying over spillt milk!
  7. Startup guys can pitch in 5 minutes. Save time, do more!

I'll talk about why corporate guys are good for startups later on... but these are my thoughts for today. Do let me know if I forgot something!


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