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How to recycle?


You know... everyone tells you to recycle. It will help save the environment, it will help reduce pollution and reduce our dependencies on fossil fuels.

Here in Malaysia, it is no exception. We all are encouraged to recycle and the government has spent millions on advertising campaigns in order to encourage us to recycle.

However, my thoughts are that it is pretty much a complete failure. Not many look at recycling for a simple reason... it is too difficult to do so. I myself admit I am not much at recycling but the way I look at it, there are no amenities to do so.

I don't buy newspapers so there is no need to recycle that. But when it comes to bottles and cans, I am unable to find a place to recycle. Except maybe at a couple malls, there are no recycling bins available at all! On top of that, at the condo's that I stay at and have visited, there are no provisions to recycle. There are no places to separate the trash out and also to dispose of them properly. Even at public places, I have not seen any places with recycling bins. 

Maybe we should start a movement to increase the installation of recycling bins around the country, Get shopping malls to have them to encourage everyone to throw their cans away separately or even paper cups. 



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