Common Sense is Uncommon
I just want to share with you guys today on I have looked at it and tried to learn how to make one but am not really good at it. 

What Prezi does is to help animate presentations, making it much more interesting and more importantly, engaging to your audience. Instead of boring Powerpoint animations, Prezi allows you to zoom in, scroll, fly around your presentations and it just looks cool!

So why am I talking about this company? Well, I find that what it does is great and useful no matter what you do. Whatever company or job you are in, this will be able to spice up your presentations and especially for keynote presentation or canned presentations, this works great!

For all you HR, Corp Comm guys, do check it out and use it for the boring employee on-boarding presentations or product launch pitches... Prezi it to be more interesting!

Go check it out at to find out more. It's interesting and fun to make :)


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