Common Sense is Uncommon
After the FI graduation, a group of us were having a chat on getting stuff done. I have met so many people who have great ideas but most of them are too scared of getting it off the ground and just following through with it.

I do agree that we all must be able to sustain ourselves but I always feel that we burden ourselves with items that the media and marketing companies have ingrained into us... the sports car, the expensive clothes, the watch, the life style. Take that all away and you can do a lot of things!

Anyway, today I want to talk about the tools available to get a MVP, Minimal Viable Product.

So before you begin, you need an idea, then get a domain name for it.

After you have your domain and your free email, you need to start conceptualizing your product, here there are many tools available to you. Some are free but some have nominal prices.

  6. Numerous shopping carts (shopify, Magento, ECWID etc)
  7. Google Webmaster and Analytic tools

The list I have is not all encompassing, it covers what I have used and what I find interesting to be used. There are many many more tools available and it is great that being able to be used online simplifies 


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