Common Sense is Uncommon



Often I have seen many who are not focused on their job. And when it comes to those who are supposed to lead, it causes much catastrophe to the entire company when they lose focus.

Earlier on I wrote about how your boss contributes 101% to your work and also on how that can make you perform really well, or not at all.

Whenever we work, we all need to focus on the task at hand and also on the bigger picture. Whenever we need to make a decision, we must always remember what is the greater impact of our decisions. It is not just about ourselves and we must always think of doing what is good for the company and also the people who report to us. 

The learning I want to share today is to keep focused on the objective, the impact of it and the tasks required to reach the objective. It is not just about getting things done but getting things done in order to achieve the goal. 



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