Common Sense is Uncommon
Well, I like Johnny Depp. I think he is a great actor, the roles he plays, the way he portrays characters... I just think he is great.

Anyway, my point today is to relax at work and don't be too serious. Try to relax and enjoy yourself at work. :)

I know of a few people who think that I try to be funny while at work... and yes, I do try to be funny. In my experiences, being serious causes everyone else to be serious, making people stressed out and makes others question their actions.

As we should know, our moods are contagious. Whatever mood you are in will affect those around you and so when you are trying to save the world from imminent doom, its time to be serious and focus on that. But when you are not, try to cheer up and relax. What you feel will make your colleagues feel the same way too! 

I remember studying in sociology class years ago, the dominant person (usually me) will influence the people around them. And others will absorb the energy and mood that is emanating from that person. We all will influence and be influenced by those around us and thus cause a change to the social dynamics.  

So, when the world is not ending and no imminent doom in sight, try to relax and get others around you to relax as well. It makes everyone work better as we will not be scared of making a mistake. We will not be wasting time re-reading an email 10x just to be careful. We will not be checking everything over and over again just to be safe.

Just smile, say Hi, make a joke or something. Lighten the mood and I noticed that work gets done faster that way. :)


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