Common Sense is Uncommon
So, earlier I talked about what do you want and also for you to think about what are you bad at. Now, it is time to put those things down and for you to narrow down what do you actually want! Yay, getting somewhere!

But don't get ahead of yourself. We must know what are we want to get ourselves into before looking into getting what we want. We need to be sure that we will not be doing things that we don't like in order to be happy doing what we are asked to do.

To make it simple, lets look at a list of things we usually don't like to do. 
  1. Monotonous routines
  2. Door to door sales
  3. Lack of direction

So, basically we will need something that is higher up in the work food chain. We don;t want to be doing the entry level boring stuff. At my level, I can choose not to but for someone starting out, you got to prove yourself first. 

Speaking of being in the higher levels, we actually have to do more of the things that we don't like in order to do what we would like. It's a trade off. Simply put, we need to do it because we have the necessary skills and we reached these levels because we passed through doing the things that we didn't like in the first place. And we did them well.

Next after knowing what we don't want to do, we have to think what can we actually live with? So please look through your list and choose, what can you live with and why? Why can you take it? With that, you will now have a list of things you will never do, things you may do, and things you don;t mind doing. 

Stay tuned for the next post where we will start looking at what we want to do!


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