Common Sense is Uncommon
As I sit and write this, it echos in my head "What do you want to do?". And I find that this is a common question I come across when talking to friends about career choices.

It's not that I am an expert in this, but for myself, it does help to write it out in order to get some clarity in my head. I too am always thinking what do I want to do? What do i want to achieve?

But it's more than just that. It's more than what do you want to do, what are you good at, what do you have passion for... It's also about what do you not want to do, what you dislike, what can you live with and what compromises are you willing to take. What are you going to handle?

I know for many its all about how much am I going to get paid and that no matter what, you can take it for the money. Kinda sounds like some profession? Not knowing what you are getting until u get in?

So while I think more and write more on this over the next few days, think of this first.

"What am I not good at?" 

Sounds simple? It's harder than it looks. Knowing what you are not good at will help you choose what do you want to do, and ultimately knowing what you are good at.


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