Common Sense is Uncommon

be who you are


In our working life, we come across some tough decision to make. It usually starts of small and you usually will not think of it much but over time, it gets bigger and bigger.

What I am talking about today is on Ethics and doing the right or wrong thing. Like I said earlier, it usually starts off small like don't tell anyone that I came late, or back late from lunch or went home early. These are usually not very harmful and innocent in a way. But they grow...

And what else happens is that the ones who perpetrate it are the ones you are close to at work; your staff, your buddies, your boss... And so what do you do? What shall you say? What can you do?

My opinion is that no matter what, be truthful to yourself. Do you think it is right? Is this something that you can condone? Is this something you are OK with? 

I think it is also not right that you run off and tell on everything that you see is wrong... that makes you into the person that the whole place dislikes (Reminds me of the class monitors in school or the prefects)

So, just do what you feel is right. If you disagree, say you disagree. If it's some thing serious, bring it up. If it's minor, then so be it. Be someone whom you can respect and do what you think is right for the company



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